National Teddy Bear Day - 9th Sept.

National Teddy Bear Day - 9th Sept. details

On National Teddy Bear Day, this cuddly and beloved plush toy gets a chance to shine! Most adults can remember the stuffed fur companion from their childhood, and kids of all ages continue to find joy in its comforting hug. So make sure to give your teddy bear the attention he or she deserves on this special day—after all, it's always nice to show appreciation for that special something that holds a special place in so many hearts.

What a great opportunity to get your friends together and partake in an activity that teddy bears worldwide love - going on a picnic! We're sure you've heard of the timeless classic song, 'Teddy Bear's Picnic,' right? It was composed back in 1907, just as teddy bears were being produced all around the United States and Europe. Let the picnic begin! In honor of President Theodore Roosevelt, the beloved American toy bears were named after him - Teddy Bears! Over the years, several of these cuddly companions have become iconic characters, such as Paddington Bear, Rupert Bear, Pudsey Bear, and of course, Winnie the Pooh. All of them were a reminder of Roosevelt's admirable act of kindness on a hunting trip when he refused to shoot a small captured bear.

Learn about National Teddy Bear Day

On National Teddy Bear Day, let's celebrate one of the most beloved toys from our childhood, the teddy bear! How many of us have a tattered and worn-down teddy bear from long ago, tucked away in the back of our closets or under our beds? Even if it's missing an eye or a bit of stuffing, it will always remain the most special stuffed animal in our hearts! So why not take a few minutes and give a shoutout to our favorite childhood teddy bear friends today!

Today we celebrate an iconic, beloved childhood symbol that has captivated people for generations - the teddy bear! It's amazing to think that no matter what crazes come and go, the teddy bear continues to be a worldwide favorite among kids and adults alike. Watching a child clutching their teddy bear sparks a feeling of warmth and nostalgia - truly a wonderful sight!

Having a teddy bear is such an amazing thing! It's often our first friend, the first 'person' we get to share all of our feelings and experiences with. Plus, they're there to give us comfort and snuggles at night when we're feeling down. We should all take a little time to appreciate how special teddy bears are. Agreed?

History of National Teddy Bear Day

If we want to find out the origin story behind National Teddy Bear Day, we need to take a trip back in time more than a hundred years ago. President Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi in 1902 when he made the decision to not harm a bear cub while hunting. The news of this honorable act quickly spread across the nation and was even immortalized in cartoon form when Clifford Berryman published a cartoon in the Washington Post on the 16th of November 1902. It immediately gained popularity and remains a classic to this day!

Morris Michtom, a store owner in New York, was tickled pink by the cartoon and he thought he'd make a new toy. He figured he'd give it a shot and drop a line to the President, asking Mr. Roosevelt if it was alright for his new toy to be named after him. And the rest, as they say, is all history!

Throughout the years, multiple beloved teddy bear characters have emerged, establishing this toy as a very dear companion of youngsters all over the world. It doesn't matter what background they have, or their culture, kids agree that no other toy will give them the same warmth and companionship that a teddy bear does.

Since we've come across some pretty iconic teddy bears from Britain, such as Paddington and Winnie-the-Pooh, plus the beloved Care Bears series, another famous bear in the U.S. was Radar, who belonged to Big Bird in Sesame Street. Not forgetting Garfield, the lasagna-eating cat who was a sensation in the U.S. and beyond! Last but not least, let’s give a shout-out to Fozzie Bear from The Muppets. Who would have thought these cuddly furballs would become such famous characters?

Happy National Teddy Bear Day! Our relationship with teddy bears is far from over – just take a look at all the new, adorable bear characters appearing on TV and in the movies! Over the years, we've seen the Ted films become a huge success. Although the humor may be a bit more grown-up, they still show us how comforting a teddy bear companion can be! If you're looking for a good laugh, we recommend you watch the Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg-starring film. We promise you won't regret it – we love teddies, and we know you will, too!

How to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day

There are loads of means by which you can honor National Teddy Bear Day! A suggestion could be to uncover your treasured childhood teddy bear and snap some cool pics of it. Put them up on social media and suggest that your family and followers also share pics of their best teddy bears from the past. Doesn't even matter if those pics are not available - just have fun sharing memories of the times they brought their bear around with them!

Why not treat yourself today with a brand new cuddly teddy bear? There's nothing quite like the feeling of snuggling up with a cute, soft, friend. Plus, nowadays, there are a growing number of companies that specialize in teddy bear goods, so you don't have to look far to find one that catches your eye.

If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to spend the day, no matter if you have kids or not, why not consider building your very own teddy bear? With so many fur and other unique characteristics to choose from, you can truly make your teddy bear your own. It's a lovely way to express your creativity and, if you're particularly crafty, you could even make your own teddy bear from scratch. Who wouldn't love a project like this?

Making a teddy bear from scratch is something you can do online and it's bound to be enjoyable! There's something special about having something you designed and crafted yourself, too – it feels like it's more like a real friend to you, plus there's no one that has the same teddy bear as you! If you're a social media person, take a few photos and show your followers – they're going to be amazed at what you have brought to life!