How to Care for a Sick Teddy Bear? LOL~

How to Care for a Sick Teddy Bear? LOL~ details

Don't fret if your beloved teddy bear is feeling a bit under the weather. Simply take them over to the teddy hospital and they'll be in the very best hands! And if you would like to tend to your teddy while they're away, we've included a handy guide to show you how.

Determining Your Teddy Bear's Illness

If you discover something wrong with them, don't worry! A cut should be easy to bandage with some toilet paper. A broken arm? Not a problem! You can make them a cast. Bruising? Simply put a bandage on and the problem should be solved. If it's something more serious or if you're not sure what to do, it might be best to rest it and go to the hospital for further assistance.

Caring for Teddy Bear at Home

◾ Securely wrap them up, put them in either their own cot or yours, and make sure to tuck them in with plenty of blankets so they stay warm and cozy!

◾ Do your best to look after them! If they need medicine, prepare it by pouring some water into a cup. Then, try to give them two or three spoonfuls every couple of hours.

◾ If you think your little bears might get bored, why not set out a few of their favorite toys beside them? Or, if you'd like to provide a bit more of an entertainment option, you could always put on some delicious background music, tuck them in for a quick nap, or put on a nice movie for them to enjoy.

◾ Show your love by giving them a hug and a kiss! Your affection will help them heal more quickly.

◾ When your loved one has recovered, why not make it an extra special occasion for them? Let them have some nice rest and recuperation for a day - that's a must. Then, you can put them in their play area so they can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Depending on the type of injury they've experienced, they may need to keep their casts on for around 3 to 4 days. After a couple of days, it may be safe to venture outside and get some fresh air, but don't keep them there too long so they can be well on the way to recovery!

Caring for Teddy Bear at Hospital

◾ Make a wristband for your beloved teddy bear. All you need is some white paper and ink to write your teddy's name, and you can use clear tape to secure the wristband to your bear. Now your sweet teddy bear will always have an identification tag - just like in the hospital.

 Give your teddy a cozy 'hospital room' of his/her own! Gather up an old shoe box, or any other type of box that can hold your teddy, and line it with a soft felt or fabric. And to make it extra special, fashion a pillow from an old shirt! Plus, if you want to be extra generous, let your teddy use your own bed! Finally, for your teddy to stay entertained, put down some tissues and a book for them to read. There you have it, a perfect environment for your cuddly pal!

 Let's get your teddy ready for the all-clear! Gather up some everyday household items, and you can make a makeshift medical kit. Give your buddy a pretend X-ray to see if they have any problems with their bones. Have a look in their eyes and ears too to see that they're in tip-top shape. And don't forget to check their tonsils! Get creative and have some fun giving your bear a checkup.

 Gather some ingredients to make a special medicine for your teddy! You'll need some water, sugar, pepper, salt, plus maybe a bit of juice. Do this by giving your teddy one tablespoon of the medicine every day and they will start to feel better soon!

 Creating a cast for your precious teddy doesn't need to be hard! All you need is some colorful pre-wrap and some clear or white tape - voila! You're all set. Wrap the pre-wrap around the arm or leg of your teddy depending on which bone is broken and secure him/her with the tape so it won't come undone when you play. The cast should stay on for about 6 days - that's like 6 weeks for a teddy. Then, you can remove the cast and your furry friend will be all healed and ready for lots more cuddles and playtime!

 Let's give a warm welcome back to your beloved teddy! To mark the occasion, why not treat him/her to some delicious lollipops and a cute little book - what a way to celebrate!