Brand Story


Since its establishment in 2015, Morismos has been committed to creating high-quality plush toys for all ages. We hope that every adorable piece will be a huggable companion by your side.

We combine innovative designs with soft fabrics to create furry friends of various shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for cute teddy bears, magical unicorns, adorable rabbits, cool dinosaurs, or entertaining sea creatures, we believe you will find them all at Morismos!

Our professional designers are full of fun, they constantly extract and evolve from the real animal shapes, dynamics and expressions, and finally present the perfect plush toy shape. Every MorisMos is full of temperature and love.

From childhood to adulthood, from Christmas to Valentine's Day, whether it's a solitary moment or a time to share joy, Morismos' plush toys will always accompany you on every journey.