The history of Valentine's Day Gift traditions

The history of Valentine's Day Gift traditions details

Every year on February 14th, we all get to express our special love and devotion to our loved ones in such a unique way. It’s a perfect opportunity to let them know how much we care and remember them through sending cards, flowers, chocolates, or even a cute Valentine’s teddy bear, along with a heartfelt message of love.

It's believed that St Valentine was a priest from Rome in the third century. During this time, the Emperor had issued an edict that marriage should be disallowed, as he thought married men made poor soldiers. However, St Valentine went against the edict and secretly performed weddings for people who wished to be joined in matrimony. Upon finding out about this, the Emperor had him taken away and sentenced to death. During his time in prison, it is said that he fell in love with the jailer's daughter, who had taken mercy on him. On the day that he was executed, he wrote her a letter and signed it "From Your Valentine". This was on the 14th of February.

Every year, when the Roman springtime began around the middle of February, they held a special festival. To make it even more exciting, boys would draw out the names of girls from a box, and they would become boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the celebrations. Many of these relationships often led to marriage! Subsequently, when the church sought to transform this celebration into something for the Christian faith, they decided to use it as an occasion to honor the priest as well and gave it the name of St Valentine's Day. This Christian tradition has flourished over the centuries and today it is the single most important day on the calendar for sharing love with the special people in our lives.

Valentine's Day is such a special day of the year - what a wonderful way to show someone how much you care! Everywhere you look, you see people picking up gifts, cards, and teddy bears to share with loved ones. It's amazing how much money is spent every year on Valentine's Day treats!

On Valentine's Day, it's common to give cute plush teddies, cards, sweet chocolates, and beautiful flowers to your significant other - but have you ever wondered how these gift-giving traditions started?


We all know about sending cards to the ones we like during our school days, but have you ever thought about how this custom of giving out Valentine's Day cards began? To start us off, some say that St Valentine initially sent a card officially making it a thing, but the tradition truly took off when the Duke of Orleans was held captive in the Tower of London. He apparently wrote a poem on Valentine's Day dedicated to his beloved wife and the idea of exchanging cards caught on. Pretty cool, right? The idea of giving cards on the day of celebration of love, which we now call Valentine's Day, has been around for centuries! It all started when people began exchanging written expressions of love in the form of poems. As time progressed it was common practice to give cards and when the ability to postcards became available around the 1800s, the tradition of sharing in the holiday just kept growing. In fact, even now, over 145 million Valentine's Day Cards are being exchanged worldwide.


In the 17th Century, Spanish Explorers discovered the amazing delight that is chocolate and brought it to Europe. People soon fell in love with chocolate, and the rumor of it being an aphrodisiac certainly helped its popularity - that's why it became the go-to gift to give to your special someone!


The rose has a special place in the hearts of many, as it's said to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Today, the red rose is associated with strong emotions and is often used to express one's true love. In the 17th century, a single red rose was given as a token of affection for someone special. Although a variety of flowers are now used in bouquets to show love, the traditional red rose still has a special significance.


Valentine's teddies have been a beloved gesture of affection ever since they made their debut in 1902. It's a thoughtful way to let that special someone know that you're thinking of them and want them to feel your hugs and warmth even when you're apart. Teddies are a great reminder of how much you care and serve as a loving gift.

These days there are lots of cuddly teddies to share your special sentiments, some of them carrying hearts, stars, or moons. A super popular way to show your love on Valentine's Day has grown in recent years and that's by getting a custom bear with an adorable message of love stitched right onto its jumper. So don't forget to grab a teddy bear - it's sure to make someone smile!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so you'll want to get something special for the person you love. Have you seen our adorable teddy bears? They make the perfect gift and are sure to put a smile on your special someone's face on this special day! Check them out soon!