Weighted Stuffed Animal Toys - The Advantages and Purposes of Weighted Plush Toys

Weighted Stuffed Animal Toys - The Advantages and Purposes of Weighted Plush Toys details

Have you ever come across ads for weighted stuffed animals that promise calming effects while surfing TikTok or during a toy store visit, and been intrigued - do these toys really do the job? Well, the answer is - they absolutely do!

You've come across weighted blankets, weighted sleep masks, and weighted pillows in your daily life, right? But have you ever thought about weighted stuffed animals? It seems like there are so many weighted items available in the market, that it’s tough to keep track! You might wonder, why all this emphasis on weight. But the real big question is - what's the purpose behind these weighted stuffed animals?

In this post, we're going to delve into everything you need to know about weighted stuffed animals: what they are and why they've become a hit. We'll also explore how and why these cute plushies are handy for easing anxiety. Plus, we'll throw in a handful of our top picks for you to consider.

At MorisMos, we are passionate about crafting quality stuffed animal toys and weighted plushies for you! Our priority is to design toys that are not only adorable but also serve a distinct purpose. We hope to delight you with our high-quality, functional soft toys.

What is a Weighted Stuffed Animal Toy?

Just as the name suggests, weighted stuffed animals are stuffed animals with added weight. Typically, these cuddly plushies can range anywhere from a weight of 1 to 5 pounds. For example, the adorable Axolotl stuffed animal toy by MorisMos comes out to be 4.1 pounds.
So, what exactly sets these weighted stuffed animals apart from regular stuffed animals?

Regular stuffed animals are cute and cuddly but our weighted pals have something a bit extra! They provide therapeutic benefits. These fuzzy helpers are scientifically designed to help people relieve anxiety, regulate emotions, and combat stress.

What Make Stuffed Animals Weighted?

Stuffed animals get their weight from their filling. Different brands may use different types of filling material to give their products a good weight distribution, such as beads, cotton, poly-pellets, etc.

MorisMos axolotl plush toy comes filled with tiny weighted beads in its tummy and four limbs. But don't worry, these beads are totally safe for use.

The Advantages of Weighted Stuffed Animal Toys

Not only are weighted stuffed animals soft, comfy, and perfect for snuggle moments, but they also bring numerous advantages to daily life!

Better Sleep - Have you heard of something known as proprioceptive input? It's a type of activity that applies a certain amount of pressure or force to your body. By cuddling up with a weighted plush toy before nodding off, you can actually regulate this input, and that means you or your little one can fall asleep faster. Plus, the heaviness of the stuffed toy has an extra benefit! It can help calm your breathing and decrease your heartbeat, paving the path for sound relaxation.

Ease Stress and Worries - The weighted beads and soft PP cotton in MorisMos products team up to 'kick-start' your parasympathetic nervous system. This magic combo nudges your body into a super relaxed "rest mode", showering you with calming vibes. A super chill you, minus the stress.

Helps with Sensory Processing Disorders - If you or your loved one are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder, deep-pressure touch therapy could be an intriguing option to explore. This simple method induces calmness by simulating the sensation of a good, tight hug!

Imagine this, you're feeling overwhelmed and a soothing hug would do wonders but, unfortunately, there's no one to provide that comfort. This is where weighted stuffed animals step in.

These cuddly little friends give you or your child the same comforting sensation of a hug back whenever you embrace them. You or your child can wrap your arms around this plushie anytime, anywhere.