MorisMos Trendy Collection - Mom & Baby Plush Toy Set

MorisMos Trendy Collection - Mom & Baby Plush Toy Set details

Hey there stuffed animal enthusiasts! At MorisMos, we take pride in creating superb plush toys designed to inject smiles into any stuffed animal enthusiast's day. Our crowd-favorite 'Mom & Baby plush toy set' is all set to double the delight. Each set contains a lovable, large-sized plush momma and her super-cute mini plush babies. Guaranteed to make a delightful addition to your plushie collection. 

We've got some awesome plush toy recommendations for you! Check them all out here>>

🧸 Giant Plush Mommy Bear and Baby Bear

This lovely 39-inch teddy bear comes with an adorable baby teddy, so charming! You'll find a rainbow of different colors to pick from. Each and every one of our teddy bears is made with environmentally-friendly, oh-so-snuggly plush fabric and filled with PP cotton for that perfect huggable feeling. They're not just the ideal gift for teddy bear enthusiasts, but also make the cutest decoration for any teddy-bear-themed baby shower or party.

🦄 Unicorn Stuffed Toy with Cute Babies

Check out our enchanting unicorn plush toy set, adorned with radiant colors. You can get it in shades of white, pink, or green. Our adorable pony friend features shimmering, magical hooves that add a touch of fabulous style!

Constructed from fluffy plush fabric and filled with comfy PP cotton, it's wonderfully soft and snug. And let's not forget the lovely furry colorful mane and tail, which make it absolutely irresistible and extra cute!

Guess what's the coolest part? When you unzip the bottom of the unicorn, you'll discover four adorable, glittery unicorn babies! This is sure to be a fantastic surprise to all unicorn fans out there!

Axolotl Plush Toy with Three Axolotl Babies

Have a look at this eye-catching set of axolotl plush toys. You get to pick from two dreamy colors - a sweet pink and a stunning blue. Guess what? It was a neat surprise! Unzip the plushie at the bottom to find three amazingly adorable mini baby axolotls. The momma axolotl has the heartwarming message 'As You Wish' stitched onto her belly, making it a present straight from the heart. This makes it an awesome gift for anyone who loves axolotls or is just a big fan of stuffed toys.

🐊 Mom Crocodile with 3 Baby Crocodile Plushies
Wow, this plush toy is really awesome! It's a big, green, cuddly crocodile stuffed animal toy that includes 3 cute baby alligator stuffed animals and also features 3 adorable crocodile eggs. The addition of these mini plush toys certainly increases the enjoyment and fun!
🦩 Flamingo Stuffed Animal Toy Set, 18 Inches
Meet our gorgeous Flamingo Plush Toy! Made with soft, cuddly plush material and filled with fluffy PP cotton, it really feels like holding a cloud! Anyone who sees it can't resist the urge to cuddle with this adorable plush toy!

Guess what's the awesome surprise? When you unzip the belly, you'll discover four incredibly adorable plush baby flamingos. They make an ideal gift for anyone who loves flamingos or enjoys collecting stuffed animals.
🦖 Dinosaur Stuffed Toy with 3 Baby Dinosaurs, 23.6 Inches
Meet our adorable dinosaur plush toy! It comes in a fresh green color and stands at a height of 23.6 inches, making it an ideal cuddling companion for your kiddos.

But wait, there's more! Unzipped its belly, you'll discover three adorable dino eggs! Be prepared for even more cuteness, because if you unzip these eggs, you'll unveil three huggable dino babies. How awesome is that?
🐸Frog Princess Stuffed Animal Toy Set, 17 Inches
The Princess Frog Stuffed Animal Set is just adorable! In the set, you'll find one big, cuddly frog and three even more adorable miniature frog babies. Here's the fun part, these little ones come hidden inside a zipper pouch in the back of the mama frog.

Imagine the excitement when someone discovers these cute baby frogs! The surprise element brings so much joy. This stuffed animal set isn't just for playing - it makes a fantastic collectible too. It's a simply perfect gift for any frog enthusiast out there.
🦊Fox Stuffed Animal Toy Set, 19 Inches
Check out this adorable Pink Fox Plush Toy that measures a huggable 19 inches in size. Crafted from gentle plush fabric and filled with soft PP cotton, it's the ultimate comfort companion. You'll find yourself simply unable to resist cuddling this charming creation.

The Greatest Thing About This Plush Toy? Just when you think this fox plushie couldn't get any better, it does! The best part is hidden in its back, unzip it and you'll find not one, not two, but four adorable baby foxes in a mix of lovely hues. Exciting, isn't it? What an exciting gift for those who appreciate foxes or collect stuffed animal toys - it's simply perfect!
☘️Triceratops Plush Toy Set, Green, 25 Inches
Bring home this adorable triceratops plush toy in a vibrant green color that's sure to charm everyone. At a size of 25 inches, it’s perfect for cuddling. This plush toy is made with a soft and furry fabric and filled with PP cotton, making it irresistibly huggable.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Unzip the back and you'll find three little baby triceratops nestled inside! What a delightful surprise! This plush toy makes a perfect gift for dinosaur enthusiasts and stuffed animal collectors. Get yours today!
🦆Duck Stuffed Toy with Duck Babies, Yellow, 16 Inches 
This duck plush toy is sure to make you want to give it a snuggle! It's crafted from squishy-soft plush fabric and filled with gentle PP cotton, making it super comfortable to cuddle. But, the cuteness doesn't stop there! When you unzip its belly, you'll find not one, but four cuddly plush duck babies. What a delightful surprise! Are you ready for your cozy cuddle time?
🦈White Shark with 5 Little Sea Creatures, 23 Inches
Ever dreamed of owning a cool White Shark toy? Well, here's our plushy version. This toy's super soft fabric and cushy PP cotton filling make it perfect for snuggling. You'll find it incredibly cozy to cuddle - it's so soft like hugging a marshmallow! Trust me, you'll absolutely adore its touch.

Have you noticed the zipper on the shark plush toy's mouth? Open it and you'll discover five cuddly stuffed sea animals inside, playfully 'swallowed' by the shark. So, why not grab this shark plush and 'save' these five plush sea creatures?
🐸 Frog Stuffed Animal Toy Set, 20 Inches
The Green Frog Plush Toy is a fantastic present for any frog lovers or collectors of plush toys! It features a realistic design that's sure to impress. But there's a special surprise - just take a look at the zipper on its back. When you unzip it, you'll discover a cute mini frog and three adorable tadpole plush toys hiding inside. How amusing is that, right?
🐶 Mommy Dog Stuffed Animal Toy Set, 26 Inches
Feast your eyes on this adorable pooch sporting a groovy laser rainbow unicorn coat! It's not just removable, but downright cool. It's not just a super fun plush toy, but it's also great for helping kids practice their dressing skills.

It appears you've spotted a zipper on its tummy - what a fantastic find! When you unzip it, you'll discover four adorable puppies, each dressed in unicorn coats of different colors. This design certainly brings more excitement and happiness to stuffed animal lovers than normal plush toys.
🐉 Flying Dragon Stuffed Toy Set, 20 Inches
You'll absolutely love our marvelous Flying Dragon Plush Toy. It arrives with 4 cool mini dragon plushies and 2 adorable dragon eggs. This plushie set is made from the softest faux fur and plush PP cotton filling, not just making it look impressive but also making it cuddly. A fantastic present for anyone who loves stuffed toys!
In this adorable collection, the big cuddly stuffed toys are partnered with their adorable baby plushies. For all those who love stuffed animals, it just doubles the joy and makes playing with plushies way more fun! View more>>