How to clean stuffed animals in the washer/by hand?

How to clean stuffed animals in the washer/by hand? details


🤔How to wash the stuffed animals in the washing machine?

Most stuffed animals can be cleaned in the washer, although there are some things to keep in mind. We'll also share how to hand-wash them. First, we'll walk through how to wash stuffed animals in the washer.

Step 1️⃣: Protect the stuffed toy

Place the stuffed animal in a mesh laundry bag, zippered pillowcase, or pillowcase with the ends tied to protect it from wear and tear.

Step 2️⃣: Choose a gentle wash setting

It's best to use the Delicate, Hand Wash, or Gentle cycle on your washing machine, along with cold water. This will help keep colors from fading.

Step 3️⃣: Add detergent

You can use your regular detergent when washing stuffed animals, or a mild detergent if you have it on hand.

Step 4️⃣: Air dry

Please take the stuffed animals out of the mesh bag or pillowcase and hang or lay them flat to dry. This will help them dry more evenly and help them keep their shape.

🤔How to wash the stuffed animals by hand?

For older or more delicate stuffed animals, use a gentler touch and wash them by hand using these easy steps.

Step 1️⃣: Soak in cold water

Submerge the stuffed animal in a bucket or sink full of cold water.

Step 2️⃣: Add detergent

Then start by adding a small amount of mild or gentle detergent to your washing machine.

Step 3️⃣: Hand wash gently

Use a gentle squeezing motion to apply detergent to the stuffed animal. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this may damage older toys with loose stitching or worn fabric.

Step 4️⃣: Rinse

Fill the bucket or sink with fresh, cold water or run the stuffed animal under cold water and squeeze it lightly to rinse out the detergent, making sure not to wring it.

Step 5️⃣: Air dry

To remove moisture from an older or more fragile stuffed animal, roll it in a clean, dry towel, then air dry it.