Get A Bunny For Easter

Get A Bunny For Easter details

As Easter approaches, the weather starts to warm up🌞, and it's the most beloved time of the year. Kids of spring, such as lambs🐏 and bunnies🐇, are being born. Legend has it that there was a rabbit who laid chocolate🍫 eggs, every Easter, the rabbit go from house to house to send a basket full of holiday gifts🎁 for children and hide colorful chocolate eggs for them to find.


Nowadays, Easter Bunny has become a symbol of this holiday and Easter Eggs Hunts🥚 has become the most popular events. We used to prepare chocolate and candies🍬 for children on Easter, but as we pay more attention to health issue🩺, we began to consider alternative Easter gifts for children. I highly recommend you buy a stuffed bunny toy for your child.👉 It’s not only because bunny was the iconic animals of Easter, but also because it will not melt like a chocolate, every time your child see the bunny, the memory of this holiday will arose🔮, I believe it will be a lifetime treasure for them.


🐰Mommy Rabbit And Her Babies🐰


This rabbit playset including a big gray rabbit mommy and 3 cute rabbit babies🍼 of different fur colors, brown, gray and black. There’s a zipper on the mommy rabbit’s belly, inside the belly is where these three little bunnies hide🙈. Let your children open the zipper to find the baby bunnies, you can fell how surprise your children will be🥳. The process of pull out baby bunnies also can be seen as the birth of them🤰, which in line with the theme of the beginning of all things🌺 at Easter.


🐰Bunny With A Bow Tie🐰

This bunny with a bow tie comes in 3 different colors, measures 13 inches, which is perfect size for cuddling✨, plus the soft material makes it a good buddy for bedtime hug🛌. You can also use it to decor your room or garden🏡, these adorable bunnies would be the perfect match for Easter eggs.


🐰Bunny And His Friends🐰

Living in nature, our bunny sisters get to know many nature’s partner, such as the chubby panda🐼, fluffy bear🐻 and the naughty monkey🐵. They are good friends just like your kid and his friends👫. As you can see, they all wear a tie in their necks, seem to have dressed up🤵 for the bunny sisters' Easter party. I bet your children will love these buddies from nature🏞️ because he will be willing to share them with his friends and they’ll have a lot of fun from playing😆.


🐰Bunny Twins🐰

If your child was a lovely gir👩‍👧l, this lop eared bunny would totally catch her eyes😍, no girl can resist the temptation of a white lop eared rabbit with a pink bow🎀, especially when the rabbit is smiling and waiting for her hug🤗. Mrs.Bunny have a twin brother, whose fur color is brown and ties a blue ribbon. He is a polite boy who always wears a smile too🥰.