Great Reasons Why Grown-Ups Need Stuffed Animals in Their Lives

Great Reasons Why Grown-Ups Need Stuffed Animals in Their Lives details

Ever thought that stuffed animals are just for kids? Think again! It turns out, that many adults secretly have a soft spot for stuffed animals too! According to a recent study conducted in 2018, a whopping 43% of grown-ups have a special stuffed buddy of their own. Surprisingly, more men (84%) than women (77%) own at least one cuddly companion. The all-time favorite stuffed animal for adults? The classic teddy bear, of course! But why do these plush pals bring such joy to us grown-ups? Let's take a closer look at the benefits these stuffie friends offer their adult owners!


Relieve Stress with Stuffed Animals

Interacting with animals can work wonders when people are feeling stressed out. Whether it's petting your furry friends or hugging a soft stuffed animal, the result is the same: reduced levels of cortisol, the pesky stress hormone that can wreak havoc on your body. Did you know that something as simple as touching a plush toy can help alleviate stress too? That's right - cuddling up with a cozy stuffed animal can make you feel happier and healthier. And if you're looking for a little extra help, there are special stuffed animals designed specifically to combat stress and anxiety. Weighted stuffed animals and aromatherapeutic plushies are here to provide double the comfort and support when you need it most.


Cure Trauma with Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can be a key part of therapy. Some therapy techniques involve using stuffed animals to help heal trauma survivors. By caring for a stuffed animal, trauma survivors can learn to care for themselves and begin the healing process from difficult experiences in their past. This can lead to increased happiness and self-esteem, and a decrease in self-loathing. According to Rose M. Barlow, a Psychology Professor at Boise State University, animals, whether real or stuffed, can be a valuable tool in therapy for both children and adults. They can help us express emotions, feel supported unconditionally, and stay grounded during our healing journey. This is especially helpful for those who are recovering from trauma related to childhood neglect or pain.

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Enhance Mental Well-being

Stuffed animals can actually help improve your mental well-being. They can provide the same benefits as live animals when it comes to therapy. In fact, a study showed that stuffed animals helped patients with attachment issues form secure bonds and mend broken relationships. Building these strong emotional connections can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. Dr. Aniko Dunn even recommends using stuffed animals in therapy for those dealing with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues. So next time you're feeling down, cuddle up with your favorite stuffed animal and feel the positive effects on your well-being.

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Feeling Safe and Secure

Adults sometimes use stuffed animals and comfort objects just like kids. These cuddly companions can provide a sense of security when life gets a little overwhelming. Whether we're transitioning to a new phase of life or just moving to a new home, having that familiar object can bring us a sense of comfort and stability. Licensed therapist Margaret Van Ackeren explains, “Adults often sleep with their childhood stuffed animals because it helps them feel safe and calm, reducing feelings of loneliness and anxiety.” So, having that security blanket (literally or figuratively) can really help us feel more at ease when things are changing around us. It's like having a little bit of home wherever we go.

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Combat Loneliness with Stuffed Animals

Life in today's world can sometimes feel isolating and lonely, even with others around us. Surprisingly, the more we connect online, the lonelier we may become. As social beings, humans thrive on companionship and feel the effects of loneliness when they lack it. While stuffed animals can't fully take the place of human interaction, they can provide comfort and alleviate feelings of loneliness and disconnection in our increasingly interconnected but lonely world.


Find Comfort in Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals can serve as a comforting reminder of the bond we shared with a departed loved one, guiding us through the challenging journey of grief and alleviating the pain of their absence. When you turn to a stuffed animal for solace, there's no need to fret about criticism or disapproval – they simply provide unwavering support and consolation whenever you need it.

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Take Us Back to Childhood Days

Remember that feeling when you think back to the good old days of your childhood? Nostalgia is like a warm blanket that wraps around you and makes you feel all cozy inside. It's not just about reliving the past, it's about feeling happier, boosting your self-esteem, and strengthening your connections with loved ones. Nostalgia can bring a sense of order to our sometimes chaotic lives and even help us deal with our deepest fears.

Dr. Christine Batcho, a Psychology Professor at LeMoyne College, suggests that nostalgia can be a comforting way to cope with change. She explains that reminiscing about the past can remind us of who we are and where we come from, especially when facing uncertain futures. To embrace nostalgia, what better way than to hold onto a childhood favorite like a stuffed animal or lovey? These cuddly companions can evoke memories of family, joyous playtimes, warmth, and security. When we need a little pick-me-up, these nostalgic treasures can offer a sweet escape into our cherished past.